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Impressive Sharpness

Knives with ceramic blades make excellent tools for cutting fresh fruits, tender veggies, boneless meats, and fish fillets


The handles are molded directly onto the blade. Cheaper, less quality ceramic knives have handles that are glued to the blade.

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These are NICE! My friend had been telling me about her ceramic knives so I finally broke down and got some. These are beautifully packaged and the handles are bright and flashy. I have a Pioneer Woman Themed kitchen and they go great. Ceramic knives are made of aluminum oxide and zirconium oxide so these should be very durable and should not require to be sharpened for years. I've used the knives almost daily since the arrived, and I've used the peeler once. They have a good weight to them so they don't feel flimsy but they're light enough that the feel like they just slide through my veggies and boneless meat. I know I prob shouldn't have, but I tried them on frozen meat too, and there handled it with no problem. Clean up is a breeze and they're dishwasher safe.

Tara Cardenas

" You can throw old your old knives! "

Injection molding the handles right onto the blade means they will not ever fall apart.
*Cheaper, less-quality, knives have glued handles. Over time, the glue breaks down which allows the handles to separate.
The blue knife has an injection molded handle. The liquid ABS material is injected into a mold containing the blade. It becomes one unified piece.


The yellow knife has a glued handle. See the space between the handle and the blade? The blade slides into the pre-made handle and is then glued in place. If the glue fails or breaks down, the blade will come apart from the handle.

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