Lemon slice and veggies
Red peppers
Sliced orange
sliced strawberries
Salad and green knife

4-pc green set
4-pc Blue Set
4-pc Yellow Set
4-pc Orange Set
5-pc Royal Blue knife set
5-pc Raspberry knife set
5-pc Grey knife set
5-pc Black Knife Set


Welcome to Gayle’s Kitchen.

When I decided to open a business on Amazon, I wanted to sell products that I feel passionate about. I love to cook. When I thought about the tools I use to prepare my favorite meals, one particular toolset immediately came to mind.
Ceramic Knives. In a rainbow of colors!

  I started selling on Amazon in early 2018. My first offering was a 4-piece set of knives in 2 colors: Green and Blue, and a 5 piece set in Black. I spent many months researching and learning. I searched manufacturers near and far, for the highest quality ceramic cutlery available at an affordable price. My manufacturer is in a 1500-year-old knife and scissor district in China.  Yangjiang, China has become universally acknowledged as the China Capital of Knives and Scissors. I am proud of the quality of my products. 

I had a great response to my knives on Amazon. Once I felt I had validated my sales potential, I ordered more ceramic knife sets. I added 5 new colors: Yellow, Orange, Raspberry, Royal Blue, and Grey. This brings my selection up to 8 colors. (New colors will be available in early August)

What do I love to use my ceramic knives for?

A little bit of EVERYTHING!!!

Take a look and see for yourself…  

Onions and red peppers
Onions and red peppers
Sliced fruit
Sliced fruit






Carrot and zucchini salad
Carrot and zucchini salad made with my ceramic peeler.
Stacked Apple slices, yellow knife
Mixed fruit! 🙂
Beef or pork and veggies
Beef or pork.

Your toughest decision won’t be what food to make, as much as it will be “What color knife set to choose?” 🙂

Small Peeler
Small peeler
Lg peeler
Large peeler

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