Ceramic Knife Top 8 Safety Tips!

For people first starting to use a ceramic knife, it may take some time getting used to the lightweight feel and the precautions that must be taken.

Here are 8 safety tips to keep in mind. Because this is important!:

1 These knives must not be used by children and not be left out around children as they are razor sharp and can cause serious injury. This cannot be stressed enough.
2 You must pay extra attention when using ceramic knives because the blades are ultra-sharp and you can easily cut your own fingers without even being aware of it.
3 A ceramic blade should not be twisted or flexed because it is not able to bend and return to its original shape, as regular steel knives will do. Always cut using straight slicing movements. Do not use to cut around bones.
4 Do not crush using the side of the blade, as with garlic and herbs.
5 Do not use for thick-skinned vegetables. (Pumpkin, squash, pineapple, melons)
6 You are strongly recommended not to cut hard cheeses. (Do not use to lever, even slightly)
7 Do not throw these knives into the sink with other items. Hand wash individually with soapy water, rinse, dry, and always put right back in its protective sheath.
8 Never cut onto dishes*, glass, marble, stone, steel or other hard materials. Use wooden or plastic cutting boards. *Ceramic knives are not intended for table use at mealtime. They are for food preparation.


Ceramic knives won’t need constant resharpening. You may go for years without the need to sharpen them at all.

With these safety tips in mind, you can enjoy your new knives for many years to come. My ceramic knife sets are very affordable and come in 8 beautiful colors to match any kitchen décor. 

I hope you will consider buying a set for yourself. These knives make an ideal gift for someone special on your list who loves to cook!
Colorful ceramic knives will be a valuable tool as well as a fashion statement in your kitchen. 

4-piece sets are available in Green, Light Blue, Orange, and Yellow.

4-piece Green Ceramic Knife Set  4-piece Blue Ceramic Knife Set  4-piece Orange Ceramic Knife Set  4-piece Yellow Ceramic Knife Set

5-piece sets are available in Royal blue, Raspberry, Grey, and Black.

5-piece Royal Blue Ceramic Knife Set 5-piece Raspberry Ceramic Knife Set  5-piece Grey Ceramic Knife set  5-piece Black Ceramic Knife Set


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