Ceramic knives – Impressive Sharpness, Affordable Price!

Have you ever used a ceramic knife? Get ready to sharpen your knife skills.

Knives with ceramic blades may have less usage than ordinary steel knives, but they make excellent tools for cutting fresh fruits, tender veggies, boneless meats, and fish fillets. Ceramic knives will keep their initial sharpness 10 times longer than their steel counterparts.
  • Impressive sharpness
  • Chemical inertness, and
  •  Affordability are the main reasons for ceramic knives’ growing popularity.
Fruits and vegetables sliced with a ceramic knife will keep their freshness longer than those cut with a steel knife. Ceramic knives won’t react with either acidic or alkaline foods. Fruit and veggie Platter

Ceramic knife blades are made from a very hard ceramic material called Zirconium Oxide.

  • It is second only to diamonds in hardness.
  • Be aware that the harder the material, the less flexible it is. You must never twist or bend a ceramic knife. Think of glass. Sharp, but BREAKABLE! Do not use for cutting around pork chop bones or T-bone steak.
What makes ceramic knives from Gayle’s Kitchen better than the competition? My knives are manufactured using the best techniques:
  • Wet sharpening makes a smoother edge and a stronger blade. It’s a longer, more expensive process than dry sharpening.
  • Injection molding the handles right onto the blade means they will not ever fall apart. Cheaper, less-quality, knives have glued handles. Over time, the glue breaks down which allows the handles to separate.
See how to tell the difference in the photos below:
  • The blue knife has an injection molded handle. The liquid ABS material is injected into a mold containing the blade. It becomes one unified piece.
  • The yellow knife has a glued handle. See the space between the handle and the blade? The blade slides into the pre-made handle and is then glued in place. If the glue fails, the blade will come apart from the handle. 
Ceramic knife with injection molded handle Ceramic knife with glued handle Injection molding costs more to manufacture, but it is an important factor of a quality product. GaylesKitchen.com has high-quality ceramic knife sets in 8 stunning colors to add to your kitchen. Your toughest choice may not be what to cook, but what color knife set to buy!!!  

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  1. These knives are fantastic and the price is even better! I highly recommend these knives, you can’t go wrong! Hardest decision is “what color do you want”

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